You'll be provided time-series of Ebola cases, as well as a large amount of structured information about various regions.  The goal is not only to be able to predict cases, but to also determine what factors are important for good prediction (and ideally actionable!).  General information is also available at our hackathon website.



Anyone is eligible to participate.


We're trying to crowdsource major insights!  Teams should post insights on the forum by creating a thread INSIGHTS: [fill in your insight here].  If someone already has started a thread related to your insight, please extend that one.  Your post should link to your submission, which can consist of plots as well as code to replicate the results.

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There is no cash prize; you will have the opportunity for your findings to be shared with crisis experts working in the field.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Finale Doshi-Velez

Finale Doshi-Velez

Judging Criteria

  • I'm not really judging these entries...
    ... but rather sharing the findings with people in the field. We have also been invited to submit the findings as a paper to "Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2015" (with individual teams perhaps submitting as posters).

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