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DATA: posted, formats

Hi all, the data for the hackathon is now available at:

These data are drawn from the following sources, which you may also want to use to get additional data

The primary processing that has been done on the data (thanks again to qdatum!) is making sure that each data table has consistent SDR fields. These correspond to the names of the geographic region (might be a country, a county, or a chiefdom). The level starts at "0" for country and larger numbers indicate a finer level of granularity. In many cases these correspond to the ADM (administrative) fields, but we've made this effort to make sure that the tables can be linked consistently. (Also some data sets were originally lat-long and so this allows one to map lat-long's to regions.)

Please use this thread to discuss basics of grabbing the data and formats; for in-depth discussions on a particular data set, please start another thread with the heading: DATA: [ source + issue ].


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